Becoming A Market Leader Is No Accident!

  • How a real market leader curates to benefit their community and followers.
  • Leverage your time and extend your reach by repurposing your existing content
  • Kick writer's block where it hurts by following our simple, replicatable 4 step process for content creation
  • How to borrow material legally without duplicate content worries
  • Ed's (patented) "Instapaper-Posterous Boogie"
  • Michelle's (patented) "OPML-Scrivener Boogie"
  • How to outsource without letting your quality standards (and your rankings) drop
  • The 21 core kinds of content and how to start with each one
  • Effortlessly distribute your content to bring new readers, fans and followers to you, without begging or shouting
  • The 10 types of content Google (and your readers) are looking for (it's more then just articles!) - and how to create them
  • How market leaders stay present in their niche every day and still have a home life - with mobile content creation tools
  • Solve the "What do I post about today?" question by tapping into an endless thought stream of what your market wants to know - today
  • Over 100 in-depth training videos
  • The 6 Modules (released once per week) of Always Be Shipping will take you from "Who?" to the go-to person in your marketplace
  • You can do this!

    Always Be Shipping Course

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